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  • Lower Body Activate & Strengthen with Resistance Bands
    This workout is designed to activate and strengthen our glutes and legs along with targeting our all-important stabilizer muscles which are often overlooked when training. Resistance band training is also a fantastic way to identify any muscle imbalances we have (most of us do) and help us train with a more balanced approach when it comes to targeting specific muscles. This workout is designed to strengthen and help avoid injury by targeting a range of muscle groups. If you are not used to resistance training make sure you use a resistance band that suits your level and work up from there! If you don’t have one, you can follow along without!
  • Resistance Band Lower Body Blast for Surfing
    Grab your resistance bands and get that booty activated! Switching on this key muscle group before any high impact or endurance based exercise will help improve the quality of your session. This video is also great for improving the strength of your lower body.
  • Behind The Scenes Morocco
    The Rip Curl GromSearch European Final and the Rip Curl Pro Search Taghazout.
  • How Learning to Surf Became a Medicine
    How Lucy Spotts tackled her depression by learning to surf and top tips for surf progression.
  • Get Creative and Paint Surfboard Fins
    Join surf artist Hannah Katarski from Mermaid’s Coin Illustration, as she shows you how to turn old surfboard fins into decorative ornaments.