After last weeks high octane surf movies, this week we’re cooling things down with some coldwater surf adventures. We’ve named this Movie Night ‘Cold Comfort’ with the thought that you might be viewing it in a warm setting, perhaps within a cosy cafe or on the comfort of your home sofa – truly the ideal spot for this experience!

Venturing from Iceland and Canada to the Arctic Circle, the temperatures in these locales are very chilly, more likely surpassing the coldness most of us are used to. With this in mind, the surfers featured in the films we’re highlighting deserve immense respect. Surfing in these coldwater destinations requires significant organisation, resilience, and unwavering commitment.

So make a hot brew and check these films out, they’re awesome.

On Top of the World

A beautiful combination of surf and snow, On Top of the World follows Johanna Brebner and Aiyana Powell as they travel to the far north of the planet in search of waves and an arctic adventure. The two trek through deep snow filled fjords in sub-zero temperatures to surf extremely cold but beautifully fun waves. On Top of the World is a celebration of surfing and an appreciation of the natural world in all its beauty.
Filmed by Ishka Folkwell with an original score by Headland.

Many Wonders

The Billabong crew set their sights north and head to the land of bitter cold waters, relentless winter storms and endless natural wonder – journeying through a place where local wisdom often tells the truest story. Directed by Chris Burkard.

Circle of the Sun

Surfer and pro snowboarder Lena Stoffel, packed up a camper van full of equipment and drove four days north from southern Germany to the Arctic. Quite the expedition but after the season in the mountains, Lena was craving the ocean and the waves.

Cold Embrace

Slide and glide through the tree lined coast of Tofino, Canada. This is a beautiful film of surfing in a cold place. Directed by Bryan Bradley.

New Colours Film

Last year Roxy travelled to Ervik, Norway with Zoe Grospiron, Kika Veselko Hina Conradi & Janire Gonzalezetxabarri for an adventure unlike any other, the unique experience of chasing cold water surfing in some of the world’s most dramatic and beautiful landscapes.