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  • Top 5: Surf Island Escapes
    Your surf travel guide to the most picturesque wave havens scattered on islands across the globe.
  • Power Up Workout Programme
    This week our workout programme is designed to keep you motivated and power up your performance! We have 3 x workouts and a yoga class for you to get done this week. Let's do it!
  • Full Body Surf Ready Mobility
    Try this full body surf mobility session workout with Emilia. Mobility workouts are essential for surfers as they help to prevent injury, improve balance and stability, increase arm and shoulder mobility for paddling and enhance overall manoeuvrability when you’re surfing.
  • Morning Energy Yoga Flow
    Get energised and fired up for the day with Issey’s Morning Energy Yoga Flow.
  • Head to Toe Surf Fitness 2
    Part 2: Head to To Surf Fitness Series, here Tehilliah McGuinness focusses on all the areas to reach your best surf potential.