Balint Hambalko takes a deeper look at artists, riders, musicians, photographers, filmmakers – the outsiders from the classic nine to five life in his LifePlan documentaries.

Balint is a 36-year-old filmmaker from Hungary, Budapest. Currently living in Indonesia and travelling around, living a nomadic lifestyle, in his own words “not a having a home base right now.”

Balint began his filmmaking journey 15 years ago, shooting skateboarding and snowboarding. More recently getting behind the camera to capture surfers in action. With a passion for action sports, Balint always felt be could do more than just document the sports in action. Which is where LifePlan was born.  Feeling the urge to do more and show people in a deeper light, with a message more than “let’s have fun surfing.”

LifePlan is a short documentary web-series, presenting people, who have an interesting and difficult background story and still managed to be successful in the field they live and work. Artists, riders, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, outsiders from the classic nine to five life.

In the first episode, Balint presents the story of Sasha Golyanova, an ex-police drug officer from Russia, who become one of the best water photographers in the last couple of years, based in Indonesia.

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LifePlan is an independent short movie, there will be a new episode every 3-4 weeks.