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SurfGirl Summer Wetsuit Guide 2024

It’s time to rejoice once again as summer wetsuits make their return after a long winter! Here’s our Summer Wetsuit Guide, to tantalise your senses with sleeker, more flexible options for summer.

Surf brands continue to push the boundaries of wetsuit design, enhancing them annually with super-stretch materials, sturdier seams, and a growing array of eco-friendly choices. Plus, the wetsuit brands continue to produce more female-friendly wetsuits with a greater range to fit all sizes, which is a welcome progression in female-focussed equipment. Our guide showcases industry frontrunners, cutting-edge technology, and suits designed to accommodate all body types. Whether you seek a high-performance, top-tier wetsuit, or something for casual surfing and beach outings, there’s an option for every budget. With this in mind, check out our Summer Wetsuit Guide for the season ahead.

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Wetsuit Buying Tips

Given the amount of styles and brands available, when purchasing a new wetsuit there’s a lot to think about. Here’s some things you should consider before making your purchase. 
1. Fit reigns supreme. The wetsuit should fit snugly, but not be too tight. It should allow for freedom of movement without excessive bagginess. It’s crucial to try before you buy, and don’t hesitate to explore different sizes.
2. The thickness of the wetsuit depends on the water temperature in your region. For example, in the UK, the water temperatures can vary significantly throughout the year. So you’d typically start off with a 4/3mm during the early spring months, and then move into a 3/2mm wetsuit by late spring. If it’s a really warm summer, a 1mm surf suit in the peak summer months is the dream.
3. Check that the seams are well-constructed and sealed to prevent water entry. Sealed, blind-stitched, or glued and taped seams, are ideal for maintaining warmth and durability.
4. Zipper entry. The choice of back-zip, chest-zip, or zip-free designs are really down to personal preference and ease of entry. Chest-zip and zipper-less wetsuits typically offer better flexibility and reduced flushing, while back-zip wetsuits are much easier to put on and take off.
5. Always purchase from reputable wetsuit brands known for their quality, innovation, and performance. Research customer reviews and feedback to gauge the reliability of the brand and product.
6. Once you’ve decided what style of wetsuit you’d like, whenever possible try on the wetsuit itself to ensure perfect fit and comfort.
If you’re unsure of what type of wetsuit to go for, seek advice from friends or shop assistants – investing in a properly fitting wetsuit is paramount for enjoyable surf sessions.

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