The new SurfGirl Magazine is out, let’s take a look at what’s in it.

This issue is a spotlight on wonder-women, paving the way and smiling in the face of adversity. 

Focussing on women within the surfing community who are actively pushing boundaries, whether it’s mastering formidable waves or triumphing over personal physical and mental challenges to achieve success.

From Laura Enever transitioning into big wave surfing, and Anaïs Pierquet sharing her experience of surfing through depression, to Tegan Blackford taking on the world and waves in her teens.


Travel is also at the heart of this issue, we take an inspiring leap into summer and there’s surf and sunshine tales from around the world. With journeys to diverse destinations and off-the-beaten-track surf spots, friends chasing swells, and solo surfing under the stars.

Plus we have a short list of the awesome SurfGirl Photography Competition entries. The response to the competition was incredible and we’re stoked to reveal the winner in this issue.

From the Surf Seeker’s Travel Guide, to the latest in wetsuits and our Summer Kit Guide, we’ve got you covered this season.

On the cover is stylish longboarder Ikit Agudo,  captured by Evie Johnstone in the Phillipines.