At last surfers’ fave time of the year is here and we welcome back summer wetsuits! In this issue we’ve brought together a variety of wetsuits for The SurfGirl Summer Wetsuit Guide, to tantalise your tastebuds for thinner, more flex wetsuits. The good news is that surfing has become more accessible in the last few years, as wetsuit brands produce more female-friendly wetsuits, with a greater range to fit all sizes – a welcome progression. Surf brands continue to evolve the humble wetsuit, upping their game with super stretch and more durable seams, and increasingly more eco-friendly options to choose from.

This guide features the industry leaders, new technology and suits to fit all shapes and sizes. So whether you’re looking for a high-tech, top-end wetsuit, or something to chuck on for the odd surf or sea dip, there’s something for every budget. As there are lots of styles and brands to choose from, buying a new wetsuit isn’t something to rush into. The most important thing to consider when buying a wetsuit is the fit. If your wetsuit is too big it will let in lots of water. And, if it’s too small, you’re going to be restricted, uncomfortable and it will probably rub. Wherever possible, try before you buy and don’t be afraid to change your dress size when trying on wetsuits. If you’re in doubt about the fit, ask a friend or shop assistant for advice; the best thing you can do for your summer surfs, is buy a wetsuit that fits. With this in mind, checkout our Summer Wetsuit Guide.

Damage Control

How do you keep your new wetsuit feeling good and protect it from the elements? Here’s some tips and products that will help you to prolong the life of your wetsuit.

1. Rinse. Once you’ve got out of your wetsuit, make sure you rinse it in fresh cold or tepid water to get the saltwater out of it and wash the sand off.
2. Drying. After you’ve rinsed it, however tempting it is to put it in the sun, don’t. Hang it up to dry out of the sun and use a clothes hanger like the C Monsta Hanger, which reduces fabric stress caused by standard hangers.
3. Special care. Every so often give your wetsuit extra special care by washing it with wetsuit cleaner; it gets rid of salt and dirt, plus it helps to keep your wetsuit smelling better. Slosh Eco Wetsuit Shampoo and Conditioner conditions wetsuits and has a nice smell.
4. TLC. Keep your wetsuit away from sharp objects and take care when you’re changing. Use a changing mat like the waterproof Surf Series Changing Mat by Rip Curl to prevent gravel, mud, dirt and stones damaging your suit. Then you can pull up the drawstrings and use it to pack your wetsuit away neatly too.

C Monsta Slide Hanger, Surf Series Changing Mat by Rip Curl, Slosh Eco Wetsuit Shampoo and Conditioner mentioned above are all available

Top Tips

Need a new wetsuit for summer? Here’s our tips for making that all important purchase easier.

1. Shop around. Try on as many wetsuits as possible. Try new styles, brands and sizes, and don’t just stick to what you know. You might well come up trumps with a wetsuit that could change your whole experience of surfing.
2. Buy the wetsuit that fits you best. Don’t be put off by the size on the label. Whether you have to go up or down a size, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it fits perfectly. We all have different body shapes, so find a suit that works best for yours.
3. Invest in your kit. As a general rule, the more you spend on a wetsuit, the better the quality you’ll get. And while this isn’t always the case, it’s better to invest in the best wetsuit you can.
4. Know what thickness you need. A 4/3mm wetsuit is perfect for springtime in Europe. Then as the water temperatures start to rise in late May swop it for a 3/2mm wettie. When it gets really warm in mid summer then you can go all out and try a 1mm surf suit and let the good times roll!
5. Try a chest zip or a zipper-less wetsuit. If you’ve always worn a back zip, why not try a chest zip, which keeps more water out and more warmth in? Or even try a zipper-less suit, which practically eliminates water entry due to the lack of seams and is incredibly flexible.