Airport: Sandino International Airport (MGA)
Local Tipple: Macuá is the national drink of Nicaragua. It is a cocktail made with white rum and fruit juices, typically lemon and guava.
Water Temp: 24-30C

A Central American dream, where the weather and waves deliver nearly every single day of the year. With so many surf spots to choose from you’ll be able to ride uncrowded waves and find serene spots for sunset strolls.

With lots of waves breaking over sand, there are plenty of spots for beginners and advanced surfers. North of Nicaragua is a secluded hidden gem with uncrowded waves and options for all levels from total beginner to advanced world class surf. Amaru Nicaragua is located on punta aposentillo, with world-class beach breaks on either side of a 20-acre peninsular point.

Surfing in Nicaragua is truly dreamy – warm water, uncrowded waves, breathtaking scenery and welcoming locals. There’s a super-friendly and chilled vibe here, low cost living and plentiful surf options.

Surf Spots to check out:

  • Aposentillo Beach (all-levels)
  • Nahualapa Bay (all-levels)
  • Coco Loco Beach (all-levels)
  • La Isla (intermediate)
  • The Boom Beach (advanced)

Immersed in the natural beauty of Northern Nicaragua, Amaru Surf & Yoga Retreats is a 25-acre paradise where you can reconnect with your source of wellbeing. Whether you’re searching for empty waves, a yoga retreat with like-minded individuals, peaceful family time, or some soulful reflection, they offer it all. 

Perched atop a peninsular cliff overlooking the vast waves of the Pacific Ocean, you’ll find yourself in awe of the natural beauty that surrounds Amaru Nicaragua. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey where adventure and holistic wellbeing intersect, leaving you feeling transformed, refreshed, and recharged.  

What do guests love most about Amaru?

Guests love staying at Amaru for its exceptional surf program, providing tailored coaching and support for all skill levels. The phenomenal facilities, including a floating yoga shala made from precious, locally sourced, Nicaraguan wood, create a positive atmosphere both in and out of the water. The culinary experience is unmatched with authentic, local organic meals that can cater to any dietary need. The relaxing atmosphere and accessibility to all-level waves make Amaru a haven for surf enthusiasts seeking rejuvenation and adventure.

Accommodation Options:

Amaru offers 14 rooms split between the Main Casa and Casa Blanca. From Private to Triple accommodations, all rooms feature AC, WiFi, and private bathrooms. The Main Casa boasts stunning sunset views and shared accommodation options, while Casa Blanca offers the quiet luxury of privacy with ocean vistas. Property amenities include beach access, a fully equipped Yoga Shala, outdoor pool, surfboard selection, and more, ensuring a comfortable and enriching stay.

Do you have to be good at surfing and yoga to stay at Amaru?

At Amaru, guests of all skill levels are welcomed with open arms. With expert coaching and individualized attention, beginners progress rapidly while experienced surfers refine their technique. Led by Amaru co-founder Gerritt Cooper, a seasoned instructor and all-around surf expert, guests receive unparalleled guidance in surf theory and paddling skills, fostering growth and confidence in the water.

Do you have female-only options?

While Amaru is a co-ed community, occasional specialty retreats exclusively for women are offered which tailor to female empowerment and connection.

Best Month to Stay:

November through April marks the dry season, ideal for all-level surfers with consistent beach conditions. From May to October, the green season brings larger swell, catering to intermediate and advanced surfers seeking more challenging waves.

A Day in the Life of an Amaru Guest:

Start your day with an invigorating surf session followed by a nourishing breakfast featuring organic delights. Take a rejuvenating post-surf yoga class in our gorgeous floating yoga shala and unwind with some hammock lounging or poolside relaxation. For those on surf school packages, enjoy video analysis and theory sessions to enhance your surf skills. Excursions to explore the natural beauty of the surroundings are also available such as volcano hikes and boat trips. End your day by taking in spectacular sunset views from our peninsular point. Feel whole through a sense of connection with nature and community.