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As someone who has travelled far and wide in search of waves, these days I’m actually more excited to embark on micro adventures in the British Isles.  It’s not that warm water bikini surfing isn’t enticing and exciting but that tropical sensation feels somewhat unfamiliar.

There’s something about being British, and surfing in Britain, that makes me feel so… at home.  Wetsuits, car parks, hot tea in flasks, changing robes, pasties, post surf pub sessions… these aspects are unique to surfing here, and as British surfers we get to enjoy it all.

What are some of the reasons to keep it local:

*Stunning beaches and empty breaks on our doorstep – the UK coastline stretches approximately 19,000 miles.  We are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches, but reefs, rivermouths and point breaks are still abundant.  And with strong protection plans from the Government and charities like SAS keeping the pressure on, it is likely to stay that way.

*Amazing accommodation – from glamping to camping and tiny homes to castles. Air B&B has taken the world by storm, tree houses, yachts and apartments all for rent at reasonable prices. 

*Great access and public transport – flights may be cheaper these days but we’re encouraged think about the environmental impact of our surf travel.  Carpooling and board friendly trains are a good way to go, if you’re adventurous, use a board/bike rack and cycle to the surf.

*Other activities you can’t help but indulge in – food, yoga, walking, sight seeing, shopping – all help support local businesses and strengthen the tourism of our Islands.

*We all know the surf world is small – and the UK is no exception.  You can paddle out and see friends, friends of friends or even friendly pros, and the next moment be having a ball in the local pub. 

Wales is one place I am yet to explore and have always wanted to, so have asked my friend and fellow Surfers Against Sewage rep Jetske Germing who hails from Pembrokeshire just why Wales is top of the list when it comes to surfing in the UK…

Photo by TYF

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What is surfing in Pembrokeshire all about?

Surfing with the friendly locals on the uncrowded waves of the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, on the Blue Flag beach of Whitesands, with views over Ramsey Island, the Bishops and Clerks islands is simply magical. Other local beaches within a couple of miles include Abereiddi – an uncrowded West facing beach break, Abermawr – a pebble beach which is sheltered from South winds, or Newgale’s three-mile stretch of beach breaks.

Whilst the waves are wonderfully empty, St Davids, which is Britain’s smallest city, with plenty going on. With its population of 1600 it really is more of a small town, with great galleries, wonderful local cafe’s and the best Italian ice-cream! There are some great independent and unique little shops selling ethical clothing, surf & skatewear or local cheeses and beer. You can have an explore around the shops or the world famous cathedral, or venture 10 minutes further onto the beautiful coast path, overlooking the cliffs and islands to spot choughs and other birds or seals if you are lucky enough..  So much to see and do!

Have a look at this short video Robin did on why he loves surfing in Pembrokeshire!

You can join me and The TYF Group 13-15th May for a Welsh weekend of surfing, yoga and outdoor activities.

Come and see what jewels the UK has to offer; no planes involved and see for yourself why it’s worth keeping it local. Visit: Surf Yoga Retreat

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