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  • Adventure with Global Surf, Maldives
  • Nazare Girl Power – Meet the Crew
    There's a talented crew of women chasing Nazare's giant peak. Meet Katie McConnell, Michaela Fregonese and Polly Ralda.
  • Positive Change for the Planet
    Here's a selection of films to inspire you to make for positive change for the planet. Together we make a difference.
  • Finals Day at Margaret River Pro
    Gabriela Bryan and Jack Robinson claiming monumental wins in conditions that proved worth the wait at Margaret River’s Main Break.
  • Feel the Burn Fitness Programme
    This week we’re feeling the burn to improve our surfing potential. Low-impact, strength building exercises will improve muscular strength, which plays a crucial role in enhancing your performance on the waves and prevents injuries, which are all too easily done when you’re surfing.