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As surfers, we are used to walking barefoot…but with surfing becoming more popular, your usual prime surfside location parking spot may now be occupied by someone else, which can make for a pretty hefty walk to the waves. You can’t always guarantee a smooth ride, with the threat of treading on stones or glass becoming more frequent with the ever growing distance of hiking from your car to the beach. We need a solution and the answer is as simple as the design itself- flip flops!

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Yes, many of us believe that wearing flip flops takes away that adventurous spirit and barefoot freedom we so dearly crave, but if it’s the difference between getting to the surf quick and pain free or having to get a plaster from the lifeguards, I’m pretty sure I know which I’d pick.

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Sling them on, stash them on the beach while you surf and then throw them in your boot covered in sand until next time. Flip flops really are a surfers Holy Grail. Comfy and durable, they are great for keeping that fresh foot feel but also supplying a layer of much needed protection between you and anything nasty underfoot.


So let’s thank the Egyptians in 4000BC for their keen eye for design, and celebrate the greatest of such a simple, yet important piece of footwear.

If I’ve converted you into a flip flop goddess, then click the link below to browse some very lovely and super fashionable ones by Sanuk.




Words by Gemma Boothroyd