Caitlin Simmers is surfing’s North Star. At just 18 years of age the Pride of Oceanside has quickly grown from a lo-fi grom to the world stage’s headline act, whether she’s dropping insane video parts like Bell Jar, or claiming wins in Portugal and Brazil on her way to a fourth place finish in her rookie Championship Tour season.

The latest instalment of In Plain Sight sees Caitlin in her beloved hometown of Oceanside, San Diego, and reveals a little more about the gritty city and working class locals who have turned her into the global phenom we know and love today. We hear Caity’s thoughts on the joys of competing and travel (spoiler alert: not in that order), we hang out with her brother Timo, meet an 11-year-old Caity who’s blissfully unaware of the life she has to come, see her fall off a skateboard multiple times, and in amongst a plethora of filthy tubes and wild turns we find out if she still catches lizards now that she’s all grown up.

Whether you’re a surfer, skater, or simply someone who enjoys picking the brains of interesting humans you’ll love spending time with Caitlin Simmers, so get comfortable, hit play, and settle in for 14-minutes of frenetic surfing and fun conversation. Enjoy.