hanane 1

Name: Hanane Laslami
Where do you live and surf?
Casablanca, Morocco
What’s it like where you live?
Big coastal city with good surfing, good food and amazing beaches.DCIM101GOPRO
What’s the vibe like in the surf? Fun, as we never get aggressive to non locals, more people are learning to surf and especially more girls are getting into it
Where do you hang out when you’re not in the ocean? As I have a job I’ll be mostly in the office, but usually weekends if waves are not there or too big I workout, meet the surf gang, or just chill with hubby and doggies.
How long have you been surfing? 2 years

Who do you surf with, do you have a girlie gang? Yes we’re five girls from completely different backgrounds, we surf together, arrange surf trips together and workout together: Hanane, Dalia, Asmaa, Inaam and Sabine.
How do you support each other? We teach each other, encourage one another to get into water together if waves are too big. Surf brought us together, as this is where we met, at the lineup. We became best friends since then.

What are the best thing about surfing? It just makes me the happiest person alive, getting close to Nature and especially to the Ocean is a feeling I can’t describe, I ve been hooked since the first time I got on a surfboard.
What difficulties do you face when you go surfing? Surfing in Morocco is mostly pleasant and very rarely we encounter difficulties, except if we get a bad wipeout but it’s all part of the fun 🙂
What are your dreams/plans for the future? Continue to surf and live close to the ocean. I almost left everything to go work at a surf camp in the south, so I can surf all the time 😉 I’m lucky to have an amazing husband who also surfs also.
Have you got anything you would like to say to other surf girls? Continue ripping!