Dani, how do you manage your career and surfing?

I try to unite both in the same. I love being a flight attendant and I love being a surfer girl. As a flight attendant working with Lufthansa, we have the chance to request our flights. I try to request flights with layovers where I can find some waves and where I find enough time to go out for a surf. Even if I don’t have much time and it seems like there is no surf in a destination I try to find some surf. Thats what I did for example in NYC, I took my surfboard with me to New York city for just one night. I took the subway to the beach, went surfing for 2 hours, went back and flew home. Lucky for me Lufthansa is such a great company, they support me in living my passion in that way they allow me to take my surfboard with me. 

What motivated you to pick up a surfboard and give it a go?

The answer of that question is super simple. The waves. Just the waves. I am an ocean loving girl, a kind of a mermaid, sea lion, dolphin. The water is my element. The ocean is my playground. Surfing is a sport, which is not about being able to do contests or a sport where you need to be better than anybody else. Surfing is a sport that makes you happy. Surfing brings you satisfaction and if you give it a go surfing can fill your whole life with passion! But yes the real reason why I started surfing was the love to a surf instructor in California. To be more honest I figured out later in my life, it wasn’t the real reason why I started surfing. It was not the love to the surf instructor. It was because I already felt in love with the ocean.

What are the highs and lows of life in the air?

A life as a flight attendant can be surprising, it can be exhausting, it can be wonderful, but the most of the time it’s an experience. Every time I walk into an airplane the first time I feel blessed. Blessed, because I am able to fly all around the world. I’m able to compare my job with my passion and every time I walk in to an airplane the first time a day and I meet the new passengers on that flight I feel inspired. Inspired, because I am wondering where they are going. Are they going to see their loved ones? Are they going on a business trip? Are they going on an adventure or are they just going on a holiday trip? Those are probably the highs of a life in the air. But yes, as I already said, being a flight attendant can be exhausting, sometimes you just feel like you need to rest. You feel tired and sometimes you can even feel sad. Sad because you need to leave a special place you just started to explore.

How do you stay fit and healthy for the surf when you’re working?

It doesn’t matter to where I am flying or how long the layover will be. I always have my workout clothes in my suitcase or in my board bag. I usually go for a run in every layover, expect the layovers I surf, because surfing is definitely enough workout! I try to eat very healthy. Not too much sweets and a lot of fruits and vegetables. 

Where’s been the best place you’ve surfed?

I’m still fascinated about surfing the Maldives. I will definitely come back to that place some time soon again. I think my first trip to the Maldives was a once in a lifetime experience. It was super impressive, super peaceful and unbelievable at the same time. The waves were glassy, clean, not too big, not too small. They were simply perfect! We found a secret spot over there. Most of the days I was sitting in the line up just with my friend. Sometimes a turtle passed by. This trip was filled with eating, surfing, sleeping…. repeat. If I think about this trip again, it definitely still feels like a dream. I can definitely recommend everybody to go there!

The best bit of advice that anyone has ever given you?

The best advice anyone has given to me was the advice of my Mum when I was a teenager. She said to me, “Be satisfied with yourself and be happy with your life”. Thats exactly how my life works right now! When I was a teenager, to be honest, that advice was hard to get, but thinking about that now this probably was the best advice in my life! I am really thankful for that! 

Do you live your dream life?

Yes I do! There are no other words to explain what I am doing right now. I travel the world as a surfing flight attendant and I travel the world as a flying surfer girl. But I travel the world especially as a girl who loves her life, who is living a dream and has a life is full of joy and passion.

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