Find Me Jumpsuit, Billabong, £70

SurfGirl fashion for Wild & Free days

Bringing you a collection to be wild and free with the changing colours of the season. Stay warm in the cool breeze and watch the bright stars in the night sky, with messy hair and big sweaters.

Into The Beach Cardigan, Billabong, £85

Chicampo Sweater, Rip Curl, £89.99

Long Way Boyfriend Tee, Billabong, £30
I Feel Free Jeans Roxy, £70

Eye Sea Sky Top, Billabong, £30
Better Days Crew, Billabong, £50

Stone Jacket, Volcom, £85

Feel Free Jeans, Roxy, £70. Love Endures Jumper, Roxy, £70.00. Cosmic Queen Belt, Golden Bear Belts, £75.00

Better Days Crew, Billabong, £50
Hippanea Skirt, Rip Curl, £49.99
Avery Hat, Barts, £44.99

Love Endures Jumper, Roxy, £70.00
I Feel Free Jeans, Roxy, £70.00

Eye Tee, Kudvha
Cosmic Queen Belt, Golden Bear Belts, £75.00

Amaranta Tee, Protest, £27.99
Roxy Boheme Sunglasses, at the Beach Boutique, £75

Eye Sea Sky Top, Billabong, £30
Ridge Shorts, Protest, £33

Vintage Crew Denim, Souled Out the Label, £46.00

Hibiscus Peachy Flow Muscle Tank, Souled Out the Label, £24.00
Stone Row Sunday Strut Jumper, Volcom, £75

Urban Wool Jacker, Billabong, £95
Find Me Jumpsuit, Billabong, £70

Photography: Lizzie Churchill
Models: Sylvia Canorea Botet, Josie Pearce
MUA: Charlotte Albert • Styling: Evie Johnstone
Hair: Ro Abell • Location: Kudhva, North Cornwall