Location: Brighton and Hove, UK

As surfers don’t just need excellent physical balance, strength and coordination but also very good focus along with a strong connection between mind and body, yoga is perfect.  The Float Spa offer a superb range of yoga styles ranging from deeply relaxing hatha yoga to strenuous sports yoga and awareness enhancing kundalini yoga to connective tissue strengthening yin yoga.

It’s located close to the beach with a large, quiet and tranquil yoga studio, treatment rooms and three state of art floatation pods.  For surfers looking for the ultimate rejuvenating experience, they can combine all the many health benefits of yoga with the deep relaxation and performance enhancing properties of floating.

They currently offer 28 yoga classes a week in a variety of styles with new ones being added all the time.  All this along with a relaxing environment and friendly staff, make it the perfect refuge by the sea.