The Revo fuses high-end features with advanced double lined materials to create a flexible and warm suit. It has an easy access chest zip, and the stress areas like the crotch and upper knees are taped inside for durability and reduction of water ingress. Features Surflex neoprene arms/shoulders, Flowflex neoprene body, Fireline torso, GBS, Duratech kneepads, easy entry mini-zip, and hidden key loop.
RRP: 3/2mm £200, 4/3mm £230

A great all-round summer suit that won’t break the bank. It has a robust back zip entry, multi thickness neoprene and Fireline inside the torso. The perfect suit for jumping in and getting out there, with high quality materials to keep you toasty, and flexible neoprene to keep you moving. This suit is especially good for those that don’t find chest zips your cup of tea and if you’re looking to save some pennies. Features Glideflex neoprene body, Floflex neoprene arms/shoulders, single lined outside torso, Fireline inside torso, GBS, Duratech kneepads, easy entry back zip, and super value.
RRP: 3/2mm £140, 4/3mm £155

Super-light and comfortable, ergonomically tailored and designed with Floflex shoulders and sleeves ideal for summer fun. The single lined torso allows water to pearl away, keeping wind chill to a minimum. Features Floflex neoprene arms/shoulders, Glideflex neoprene body, single lined torso, comfortable flatlock seams, smooth skin neck seal, easy entry back and super value.
RRP: 3/2mm £100, Shortie £75