Georgie, the Night Surf was your first contest win, how did that feel?

I was so stoked!! I’ve made quite a few finals, this was my 3rd night surf final, having been placed 4th and 3rd before and now winning this. Knowing I can achieve this I’ve gained more confidence with my surfing.

What were the conditions like?

The conditions were pretty poor with small and choppy waves. The women’s on the first day got cancelled; surfers trying to surf in the mist, but it was the same for everybody, and I managed to find a few the next day.

Do you get a buzz out competing?

Over this year, coming second in the English Nationals has definitely pushed me to progress, to do better. I would say now i do, simply because I’ve had a little experience with contests and they can’t always go the way you like. However, it’s the short burst of excitement when you get through a heat or make a final, it makes you amped for your next heat or contest. So far this year has been amazing!


What’s the surf scene like in the UK are you all close knit?

The surf scene is spread out in the UK but we all get together at competitions and it’s good to see everyone. On a day to day basis I surf with my brothers.

What’s it like surfing with your brothers Harry and Sonny?

I love surfing with them! it’s pretty cool, if I needed to ask something about how to perform a manoeuvre or anything surf related they’re there! My brother Harry stays in Indonesia for the winter, so myself and Sonny (younger brother) surf all the time together, I think surfing with each other pushes you. But for the summer  all three of us are in France which is perfect as we all surf everyday.

Have you finished school yet?

I’ve got one year left of doing A Levels, so after that I hope to travel.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

I’m heading to France (Hossegor) in a couple of weeks for the summer, I love it there it feels like a second home. As well as getting to surf in my shortie or bikini!

How much fitness training do you do?

I think it’s important to do different kinds of training and to train everyday. As well as surfing, I train twice a day: I run- long runs if the surf isn’t good. Bike- bike rides are good as I include lots of hills to improve my cardio fitness. I do swim sets in the pool with my brothers or with the lifeguards, I sometimes go on sea swims in warmer months. I do fitness classes such as circuits, 2 times a week. This includes a range of high-intensity aerobics to strength build and to target muscular endurance. Another class I do once a week is insanity which is very similar but without the use of weight and equipment.


What are your fave things to eat?

One of my favourites is chilli pasta and definitely all kinds of Mexican food mostly (fajitas/enchiladas).

What tunes get you pumped for a surf?

Up beat music, something like Major lazor.

What do you do when you’re not surfing?

I train lots which takes up a lot of time, but when I’m not doing fitness training I’m studying for my A Levels.

What’s your favourite motto?

‘Good things come to those who wait’.

Photos by Will Bailey