‘Goddesses’ encapsulates the feeling, culture and way of life that supports Vahine and her sisters in all that they do. From the serene jungle shots, to the bond that they share as sisters, to the lyrical messaging of the sonics behind the film,

Capturing Tahiti’s first female Junior World Surfing Champion Vahine Fierro (frequent surfer of the world’s heaviest wave in Teahupo’o, Tahiti) alongside sisters Kohai & Heimiti and surrounded by the backdrop of their home islands in Tahiti, Morgan Maassen has provided a beautiful and unique perspective to the story and culture that surrounds the Fierro’s.

Vahine herself is a force to be reckoned with. At just 21 years old, she’s ranked #18 in the Women’s QS, and is Tahiti’s first female world surfing champion, taking out the World Junior Championship in 2017 in Sydney, Australia. Fierro’s achievements include many WSL QSfinal finishes at events stretching from Hawaii to South Africa and Sydney to China, as well as winning Best Barrel Of The Year as part of the 2019 Surfer Awards.

Morgan said, “Over the years of visiting what I’d reckon to be the most beautiful place in the world, I’ve also met some outstanding characters, forged by the power of their connection with the land and sea. Recently, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of getting to know the Fierro family. Loving parents Andrew and Hina have raised three young women who are pushing women’s surfing while gracefully sharing their Tahitian lifestyle with the world.

Vahine, Heimiti, and Kohai exude the vibrancy of life, and do it together. Their bond is nothing short of magic; these young women are woven into each other’s growth and success. Watching them knock on the door of Teahupo’o one-by-one, Vahine leading the way into some of the heaviest waves I’ve ever seen women surf, is enthralling. And so, to visit them at their home, to spend time with the family, to explore nature and the sea with them, all the while chasing swells and watching these women charge bigger and bigger surf, has been utterly moving. I am such a huge fan of these sisters, and the opportunity to point my lens at them as they live and grow was the thrill of a lifetime.”

Direct/film/Edit: Morgan Maassen
Music: “Young Girls” by Princess Nokia