I’ve been surf travelling for almost four years now – mostly by myself – so I thought it would be cool to share some tips on how to surf travel solo. Here’s a quick recap of the most important things to know before you take off and travel the world alone with your surf boards:

1. Do your homework

Learn as much about surfing and its challenges before you start your journey.

2. Consider cultural and economical differences

Surfing often requires you to travel to foreign countries, destinations that are different to what you’re used to. Do some research about safety and always respect the culture of the country you’re surfing in.

3. Keep your travelling plans flexible

Plan for the swell seasons but don’t plan your trip according to the surf forecast, because it’s very likely to change from week to week.

4. Communicate with other people

Ask locals or more experienced travellers and surfers for their opinion and tips. Google knows almost everything, but only real people can give you a hand.

5. Analyse new spots

Before you paddle out in unknown waters, make sure you’ve watched the waves and circumstances sufficiently to be safe out in the surf.

I hope I can inspire and motivate you to take off on your travels and go surfing.