Pauline, what inspired you to surf the Med?

It was my first time surfing the Mediterranean. I had heard of the quality of the surf there for quite some time and always thought I wanted to go. I was always told how changeable the conditions can be there so you really have to check the maps until the last moment.

While the south west of France was very stormy I heard there was a nice window to go. We only went for 3 days and surfed around Martigues. It was pretty exciting not being sure at all if we would score any decent surf. It was actually super fun and locals were very friendly. I loved it.

What have you been up to this winter?

I have been travelling a little bit this winter but I spent quite some time home. We had amazing conditions in December but January has been very stormy. That’s how it is in winter on the Atlantic coast.

Now you’re not on the WSL Tour what’s your plans for 2016?

Competition wise my goal is to requalify for the World Tour through the WQS. I’ll be doing all the major events and also the ones in Europe. This will keep me busy. I have been travelling this winter and I might be staying home more around spring. Because waves usually get really good around that time of year !

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