Beauty3Photo: Richard JB Lipscombe

Whilst surfing is seen in mainstream media as fashionable, with the sunshine, salty hair and the big brands dominating the beachside surf shops, most surf girls will spend a good deal of time soaking wet, covered in sand and nowhere near a make up brush.

So, how can we keep feeling feminine and looking our best whilst conquering the earths most powerful force on a daily basis?

Here’s a few tips and tricks I use to feel confident and looking my best in the sea and at the beach.

The surf does wonders to your hair. It will be naturally lightened in the summer months due to over exposure of the suns rays, and the added shimmer from the seas mirror like surface. The sand and salt adds volume and texture. However this can all lead to dry hair.

I travel to morocco a lot and swear by Argan Oil, which is made from something like giant olives. However, coconut oil is also fantastic. It works for your hair, smells tropical and can be doubled up to moisturise your skin.

Add oil to your hair after washing, but not all the way to the roots (if you have naturally greasy hair just rub into the ends) and then dry hair on a low setting for a shiny sleek finish.

So many times I have paddled out for a surf and totally forgotten that I had mascara on. The “panda eyes” is not my best look. I have tried a lot of waterproof mascara’s and if they do stay on in the surf, I find I have to rub so hard to get it off later that its not worth the sore eyes.

I am happy with no mascara but admittedly it makes me feel so much more confident when I wear it as my lashes are light in colour and darkening them really lights up my face.

The last year I started getting a half set of eyelash extensions. This is something I thought was only for the keen clubbers and models, but if you go for a half set rather than full, it comes across very natural and not over the top. A few shed after the first surf but mine have been lasting for a good 3-4 weeks before needing replenishing, which works out only to cost the same as the decent mascaras anyway. The only downside is you need to take the next day off surf to let the glue set, so just check the report and book your lash technician on the right day.


There’s not so much you can really do to add colour in the way of make-up, but nail varnish is hard wearing enough for the sea and there are lots of bright colours out there. There are some brands out there already aimed and wearing on the beach. I love sambora beach toes and most of the time I wear “Sunday Sessions” pink. Click here to see the range.

False nails don’t do so well in my opinion, and could damage your wetsuit or fall off when you pull it up. 

My skin gets treated similarly to my hair. I believe that the salt it good for it, and the sunshine gives me a constant glowing natural tan. Getting wet and dry throughout the day though must be drying and I use oils to moisturize daily. Coconut oil is my favourite skin nourishment, just don’t put too much on your face otherwise it could become greasy.

It is hugely important to protect your skin from the sun so invest in a good sunscreen. There are many designed for surfers which are waterproof and long lasting. I choose ones that I can spray which is easier to put on by myself quickly so I can run to the waves faster! Creams can be just as good. I also buy the UV blocking lip balms and on very sunny days zinc blockers for the nose and cheeks. Sun damage can lead to more wrinkles as well as a higher risk of skin cancer, so if you only invest in one aspect, then the skin protection should be it.