Embroidered Denim Jackets

It’s not jacket free weather and we are not ready for our winter coats and so everyone in the office is embracing the denim jacket. Oversize for extra style and the more embroidery detail the better. We are particularly crushing on the one-off, vintage denim ones from Souled Out the Label as £1 from each purchase goes to the wonderful Whale and Dolphin Conversation.

Souled Out Denim Jackets, £46 from www.souledoutthelabel.com

Two Thousand and Seventeen by Four Tet 

This four minute instrumental keeps sending us into a seriously meditative state at work. If you close your eyes tight for four minutes you feel like you are on the beach in India doing yoga. Pure bliss.

A Mighty Girl

The world’s largest collection of books, movies and music dedicated to offering a positive messages about diversity and girls, the Mighty Girls collection highlights that girls do not have to be relegated to the role of sidekick or damsel in distress; they can be the leaders, the heroes, adventurers and the champions that save the day.

The ‘Mighty Girl Heroes’ Facebook posts share the stories of the unsung and unknown to the most iconic faces in history, shared to inspire the next generation of history makers.

From Anne Frank, Malala Yousafzai and Joan of Arc to Yevgeniya Zakhar a tattoo artist who has transformed the scars of more than 1000 survivors of domestic violence into empowering artwork, all free of charge; Astronaut Peggy Wilson who set a new NASA record for the most days spent in space and Bobbi Gibb who in 1966 snuck onto the course of the all-male Boston marathon, becoming the first woman in history to complete the world’s oldest annual marathon. She finished faster than two-thirds of the male runners.

More stories at www.facebook.com/pg/amightygirl