It is now four years since we published the critically acclaimed ‘Incredible Waves’ which won Illustrated Book of the Year at the 2014 British Sports Book Awards.


Now we are in the process of publishing the follow up ‘Amazing Waves’.

To help us bring this book to the world’s book stores we are asking for support and in return offering fun and imaginative rewards. There are great deals, products and experiences plus a chance to get the book before it is available on the shelves.

From simply pre-ordering the book through to pledging for a surfboard, or spending a day with us in the office, to a surf photography course or just sharing your photos, everyone can get involved with this.

All our rewards will make amazing Christmas presents too!

Amazing Waves is a stunning coffee table book which captures the beauty and majesty of ocean waves. It features the work of the worlds best surf photographers including Chris Burkard, Ryan Miller, Andrew Chisholm, Ben Thouard, Josh Tabone, Rodd Owen, Timo Jarvinen, Roger Sharp, Alan van Gysen, Bastien Bonnarme, Andrew Shield, Laurent Pujol, Damian Davila, Trent Slatter, Marcus Paladino, Mike Lacey, Helio Antonio and Zak Noyle .

The photos in Amazing Waves are guaranteed to thrill anyone with a love of the ocean. We think it is our best book yet.

Learn about the processes that create the bands of oceanic energy that can travel thousands of miles before ending their journeys in such visually arresting fashion, how they’re forecast and what we need to do to protect them.