Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Wendy Worrell Page is a true Woman of the Wave.

Born in San Antonio, Texas in 1952, Wendy didn’t start surfing until she was 10, but once her toes tickled the topside of a board she was hooked for life. She and her sister would surf in Galveston, Texas on rented boards while their parents fished. Wendy surfed in contests and traveled the globe, but her passion wasn’t competing, it was surfing with other women she admired and looked up to. Linda Benson was one of Wendy’s surf icons and one of the highlights of her surfing career and life is not only surfing with Linda but becoming friends with the women’s surf legend. Wendy talks about waiting for her bi-monthly Surfer Magazine subscription and she would always be disappointed… as no women surfers were ever highlighted! She still gets misty-eyed when she sees how far women surfers have come and much more they are represented. Wendy is a surf legend of her own in the small town of Troncones in Mainland Mexico. In 2005 she drove down from Texas with her husband Kim to Saladita. They pulled up and she saw the most amazing, untouched wave and she knew this is where she wanted to retire.

Wendy isn’t only a joy to watch gliding across the waves with her long white hair blowing behind her but her hearty laugh, big heart, and an open-door policy make her a true treasure in the Surf Community. She is a pillar of the community in Troncones. Wendy fosters homeless cats and dogs plus she sponsors the town girls for their quinceañera’s and is an all-around amazing woman. She loves the ocean and the joy it brings her, and she shares it with everyone around her. What a true surfing legend!