Following a string of accolades from film festivals and screenings around the world, the highly anticipated documentary, The Wave I Ride: Paige Alms’ Story, will finally be available for all to enjoy. The 70-minute documentary, directed by award-winning filmmaker Devyn Bisson will debut on all major on demand platforms on April 29th.

The film chronicles the life of Maui charger Paige Alms, one of only a handful of female surfers in the world risking their lives to ride massive death-defying waves. Considered a pioneer in the sport, she has been a mainstay at big-wave lineups, most notably at her home break Peahi (Jaws), considered one of the biggest and most intimidating waves in the world, where she caught one of the most talked about tubes of 2015 (becoming the first woman ever to get barreled there).

As a woman in a male-dominated arena, she’s had to tackle more than massive waves to chase her dreams. The Wave I Ride is an inspiring look behind the scenes of women’s big-wave surfing, showing what it takes to triumph over adversity with determination, courage and perseverance. The film will take a place in the annals of history as Paige, and only a few other women who charge big waves, continue breaking down barriers and charting the future of this sport.

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“What we’re doing as big-wave female surfers; it’s something that has never been done before and I feel like we are changing the sport,” said Alms. As challenging as it’s been for Paige to rise to stardom as a Maui big-wave surfer, the making of this film took an equally arduous path to creation. The debut feature film from director Devyn Bisson, The Wave I Ride experienced similar barriers in attaining support and funding much like the women of big-wave surfing. Devyn’s tenacity, however, like Paige’s, paid off and the two have become kindred spirits in their quest to rise up in male-dominant industries – one as a surfer, the other as a filmmaker.

“What started as a short 10-minute project evolved into something much bigger after our first shoot in Hawaii,” said Bisson. “What I didn’t expect is the shocking lack of interest the industry had in supporting a female athlete, one who had made history. But that didn’t stop us. I found so much power in telling her story and we’ve always done whatever possible to keep pushing this film forward to be the voice that the industry might not echo.”

Starring Paige Alms, The Wave I Ride also features a who’s who of the world’s top surfing talent including Greg Long, Carissa Moore and Keala Kennelly. It’s dreamy and serene soundtrack, courtesy of indie rocker Matt Costa and free-spirited folk rock songstress Ellie Mae, will also be available on all major on demand platforms, including Amazon Instant Video, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Google Play, iTunes, Sony PlayStation Store, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS, Vudu and Xbox Video in April.

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