Bianca Buitendag made a last minute decision to venture just beyond the borders of her home country, discovering an oasis of wonder not many people have had the privilege of uncovering before.

bianca sk

The value of the discovery is enhanced the more troublesome the process of finding it is, yet having been around the world clockwise and the opposite, it was about time that I ventured with a narrower diameter, exploring just beyond my country’s own borders. This film is about a last minute decision to depart for the south west of Africa, lighting a flame of excitement I didn’t think I had in me anymore. With every take off, my heart raced faster than the circumstances could allow, my eyes wide with wonder, spirit soaring. Passion is so powerful, and seeing it the eyes of every person that paddled past me in the line up made me start to understand this love called surfing that we all share.”  – Bianca Buitendag

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Photo/Video and Editor – Micheal Veltman