E-Bomb Zip Free Sublimed Wetsuit

Engineered with E7 thermo lining neoprene and E6 thermo lining neoprene, superior insulation and flexibility. The critical stress point taping enhances durability, while the external key pocket and sealed cuffs offer functionality. With the innovative zip-free entry system, you’ll experience maximum freedom of movement.
3/2mm, RRP £304.99 4/3mm, RRP £314.99

Dawn Patrol Back Zip Sublimed Wetsuit

Engineered with E5 flash lining neoprene, E4 thermo lining neoprene, and E5 neoprene, this wetsuit offers excellent insulation and flexibility. The Yulex® natural rubber, recycled external jersey, and water-based lamination contribute to its durability and sustainability. With the reliable back zip entry system, you can easily slip in and out of the suit.
3/2mm, RRP £259.99 4/3mm, RRP £269.99

G-Bomb 2.0 Sleeveless Wetsuit

Maximise your performance with the G-Bomb 2.0 sleeveless wetsuit. Crafted from 80% neoprene and 20% polyamide, this wetsuit features E5 neoprene and e-stitching for optimal flexibility and comfort during your water activities.
1.5mm, RRP £134.99