ReWired CZ

The best-selling ReWired now features Halo X2 neoprene throughout the upper body. This new rubber is made from waste scrap car tyres, oyster shells and plastic bottles, and without solvent-based glues. Halo X2’s thermal lining and Dark Matter Liquid Skin on the body panel keep the heat in, and our Iris II closure system gives maximum protection from water entry. All seams are fully taped for durability, and the FutureFit 2 panel design gives forget-it’s-on comfort for long summer sessions.
3/2mm, RRP £280, 5/4mm, RRP £300

NuWave Solace CZ

Engineered from super stretchy natural rubber, the NuWave Solace chest zip steamer combines our most innovative technology with a feminine cut, to offer superior performance across the widest range of ocean conditions. Easy entry, maximum flexibility and unrivalled warmth, all finished off with our subtle palm tree artwork panels. This wetsuit is kind to the environment without compromising on movement and styling.
4/3mm, RRP £250

NuWave Surflite BZ

The NuWave Surflite is at the apex of functionality and value for money, all while keeping its impact on the natural world to a minimum. Crafted from super stretchy natural rubber and featuring a host of our most innovative design features this wetsuit offers unrivalled warmth and flexibility at its price point. Fully sealed GBS seams and True Thickness keeps heat locked in while the recycled internal and external linings are more sustainable for the planet. The Surflite is the perfect choice to kick off your love affair with the sea.
4/3mm, RRP £200