By Corinne Evans

I love waking up to a breakfast filled with granola, fresh fruit and yoghurt but as the winter digs in my usual bowl of granola just doesn’t seem to cut it. So I got back in the kitchen to give granola a little winter twist.

Try this indulgent recipe for Warming Winter Granola:


Rolled Oats

Mixed Seeds:
Brown Linseed
Golden Linseed

Whole Nuts (roughly chopped) :

Raw Cacao Powder

1tbsp Coconut Sugar
1tbsp Olive Oil


With this recipe you don’t really need to measure the ingredients, just chuck it all in a mixing bowl and give it a good stir. Making sure the granola is well mixed and completely coated in all the delicious spices.

Once the mix is complete, it’s time to spread the mixture out onto a baking tray. We ended up using two trays for this mix because we made so much. Gently roast the granola on a low heat between 80 – 100 degrees should be sufficient for about 10-15 minutes. Regular checking the mixture and tossing it so every last oat and nut turns into a beautiful autumnal golden brown. Regular checking and roasting on a low heat for longer will avoid burning.

As soon as the granola is completely golden (not burnt) remove from the oven and leave to cool.

Once cooled chuck it in a glass jar and you’re done!

It’s a great snack by itself, so why not chuck some in a pot to snack on whilst at work.

Now you have you granola prepped it’s time to make our winter warmer breakfast!

For this you will need the yoghurt of your choice. We love a diary free coconut yoghurt. Chuck a few spoonfuls into a bowl and top with your homemade granola. Now it’s time to heat some berries. Over the winter months we like to use frozen berries. Simply add the berries of your choice into a saucepan with a splash of water. Pop the pan over a gently heat until all the berries have defrosted and started to warm through. Gradually bring them to the boil and then remove from the heat. Pour the warm berries over your yoghurt and granola and if you have a sweet tooth, drizzle with honey or for a vegan option Agave or Maple Syrup. And there you have it, you’ve made what we think is a delicious breakfast, perfect for lazy winter morning, team up with a fresh coffee and a good book and you’re set for a morning of indulgence.

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