“Never Coming Home’ is the newest surf movie by Connor Guest, featuring Karson Lewis and Keli Moore in beautiful Nicaragua. The film documents the girls passion for the ocean, travelling and connecting with others and is “for the ones with grit, not afraid to fearlessly run where their souls point because it feels that. Damn. Good.”

Surfers: Karson Lewis & Keli Moore (@Karsoncoastal @newsgirl_kelimoore)
Film: Connor Guest (@connor.guest)
Song: “Blue Eyes” by Jordy Maxwell (@Jordy_______)
Location: Nicaragua

“Sometimes you just have pick up and go. That’s what this video is about. It’s about going somewhere you’ve never gone before, or maybe it’s going back to your roots. Maybe it’s getting off the grid, going rogue, and letting them guess for a while… Sometimes that’s the only thing that feels like home. As the initiated knows — once you dance on water, it can be hard to want to do anything else”

Connor Guest