This summer, take on every adventure with the Terradora, a revolutionary lightweight shoe designed for urban and outdoor adventure seeking women.

Inspired by a love of the outdoors, KEEN create products with play in mind – from mountains and deserts to city streets and anyplace without a ceiling.

For your summer adventures this year, the KEEN shoe that is going to take you from traversing off-the-grid trails to pounding city pavements in style and comfort is the Terradora. A revolutionary and lightweight shoe, the Terradora is specifically designed for urban and outdoor adventure seeking women, infusing style, all terrain versatility and performance with a precise and comfortable fit.

Here’s why the Terradora will make all the difference when getting your kicks in the great outdoors:

Characterising hybrid footwear at its finest, the Terradora fuses the love of the great outdoors with a sense of everyday urban adventure. It’s all about pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle, so once you have your Terradoras ready, here are our top activities to embark on this summer:

1.Visit a waterfall – there is something so soothing about the sound of moving water, especially when cascading down a fall. Having a waterfall as your final destination on a long walk makes for an exciting trip, especially with the promise of a picnic next to it once you arrive!

2. Go trail running As long as you are off-road, hitting the dirt tracks, coastal paths, mountainous terrain, woods or meadows then it’s trail running! Not only does this allow you to explore, but trail running also allows you to connect to nature and escape hectic everyday life.

4. Hike a mountain – We don’t mean traverse Mount Everest but rather find a path heading up a slope and make getting to the top your aim. Walk the slops, trails and pathways and enjoy the physical challenge and the joy of being out in nature.

3. Sign up to an urban boot camp – These group outdoor training programs involve different workouts designed to challenge you, improve your fitness levels and achieve your goals. From concrete to grassy terrain, you will need shoes that can handle both.

5. Explore a new town or city You don’t have to book a mini break away to enjoy a new city. Instead pinpoint a local place that you have never been to and head off for the day with a map and comfy KEEN shoes and explore those side streets, hidden alleys and local spots.

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Go out and explore this summer!

The Terradora is available globally in a mid, low or a waterproof version. Prices start from £84.99.

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