Please see below the latest from @save_whipsiderry_cliffs campaign, if you can help, please do. If you don’t follow them already hit them up on instagram here.

We have today launched a Crowd Justice fundraising campaign to support a LEGAL INVESTIGATION into the various consents and licences in place for the cliff stabilisation work at Whipsiderry.

We have already taken legal advice from specialist planning & environmental solicitors Richard Buxton Solicitors and now need to fund the next phase of legal action, which will involve INSTRUCTING A BARRISTER and raising legal matters with Cornwall Council and the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) in correspondence before bringing legal proceedings.

Our Crowd Justice campaign has an INITIAL FUNDING TARGET of £10,000 which must be raised in the NEXT 30 DAYS, and we are asking for the support of all those that love Whipsiderry, to donate to the campaign to help us protect its wildlife & beauty 🙏🏼

Without this funding we will be unable to stop this destruction.

‼️Now is the time to act ‼️

For more information and to pledge a donation hit the link here.

We can’t do this on our own and need the support from everyone. This is our time to pull together as a community and protect the areas of beauty we love.

Destroying a natural habitat and community asset to feed the greed of a handful of immoral people is not acceptable to us.

We appeal to all of you who love Whipsiderry and its beautiful coastline to help us.

‼️Please donate whatever you can afford. Any amount, no matter how small, will help us towards our target and directly supports our fight to keep Whipsy wild ‼️

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Crowd Justice is an international crowd funding platform, specifically focused on raising funds to allow communities and small groups to take legal action. The funds raised through this platform go directly to the solicitors involved in the case.