Ellie is one of the most promising young Australian surfers, check out the video of her charging on a recent trip to Simeulue, Northern Sumatra. At just 14 years old she’s won a heap of Junior titles and actually did the double this year winning both the U14s and U16s at the Occy and Skullcandy competitions. Ellie’s future is looking bright so we had a quick chat with the talented teenager to find out more.


Hi Ellie, where do you live and what’s it like there?
I live in Australia at Barwon Heads, 20 minutes from Bells Beach. Barwon Heads is amazing it is so close to everything. Everything is in walk distance. I love that, also everyone is very friendly and I have a bunch of friends to surf with here.
When did you start surfing?
I started a little bit standing up at about 3-4 years of age and then at the age of 6 I really got into it and started doing grom comps. My older brothers all surf as well, Tom, Billy and Joe. So I had them to surf with which was awesome.
What’s the biggest surf you’ve been in and how do you overcome your fears?
The biggest surfed I’ve been in is probably 8 foot and is was very scary, but I was very determined to get the bombs. I overcome my fears by not thinking about the size of the waves and also I decided to stop worrying about getting smashed. That’s part of the fun and learning! 
You’ve done really well in surf contests, what’s your aim for the next couple of years?
My main aim would be to explore new surf breaks around the world and land functional airs consistently. My aim for surf comps is to start the Pro Juniors, do well enough them to make worlds and also to be at ISA worlds next year for u/16s.
Who’s your most inspirational surfer?
My most inspirational surfer would be Steph Glimore, she is so cool in and out of the water. She’s just a legend of a human and her surfing is amazing.
What do you like to do when you’re not surfing?
When I’m not surfing I like to play footy, hang with my friends and go shopping. What girl doesn’t like shopping 😉
Where have you travelled to for surfing and where’s your favourite wave?
I have travelled to Bali three times and to Simuelue in northern Sumatra once. My favourite wave would defiantly be in Simulue. At a surf break called Tea Bags, its a really hollow perfect but heavy right hander, it was so much fun.
You were in the UK a while ago what did you think of it?
I loved the UK ( dad is English) it was so amazing to experience new things and it was defiantly older than I expected.
What’s your motto to live by?
Practice makes perfect!

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Video filmed by @ryzphoto and edited by @charliebennett.