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I am running for the Green Party, for my daughter and all Irish children. We all appreciate the major problems our children are going to have to deal with, but perhaps less apparent is that the solutions for them already exist. The next generation needs leaders who are not afraid to lead them into these changing times. My priority is the environment; without healthy soil nothing exists: trees, vegetables, grass, grazing animals and their produce. 

I am a professional surfer who has returned to the land to start a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm near Lahinch, as I believe wholehearted this offers the most realistic, scalable solution to the issues surrounding rural life in Ireland. My conviction has led me to offer myself as a Green Party candidate in the 2016 General Election. Politics was never my intention, but there is an responsibility on us all to be part of the solution, and I will take every step, no matter how challenging, to implement solutions that will safeguard our children’s future.

Photo Credit Portrait: Mitch Corbett


Fergal Smith is founder of Moy Hill Community Garden and Growing Farm in Lahinch and one of the most influential surfers to have come out of Europe. He has played a key role in focusing the world’s attention on Ireland as a surfing destination, becoming the first truly internationally-recognised Irish professional surfer, and winner of countless awards, including national champion, multiple timesStill today, his surfing consistently pushes the boundaries of what is possible in our waters. 

In 2012 he spearheaded the foundation of a non-profit Moy Hill Community and Growing farm, growing organic and native fruits and vegetables. Everyone is welcome to work on the farm and share in the harvest. Free workshops are held on growing, cooking and green-building with a community dinner every Friday. When the waves are good Fergal still surfs and is considered one of the top 10 surfers in Europe. Now, more than anything, he simply wants to be a part of the change we all wish to see in the world. 

Born in Castlebar, Mayo, Fergal was reared on an organic farm, which his parents started 30 years ago outside Westport. They also founded the country markets in Westport that are still going today. His father, Chris Smith, was the first organic vegetable farmer to make a living off one acre in Ireland. His son now wishes to inspire others to do likewise.

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