Blending vintage tones from the past with fresh, edgy, and energetic vibes of the present, Sapphire Road,an up-and-coming Alt Indie Rock band, creates the perfect harmony between 90’s alternative rock and melodic surf music . Developed by a variety of influences. Greats of the past such as The Ventures, Pink Foyd, Strawberry Alarm Clock to more modern groups such as The Sunday’s, Mazzy Star and The Cranberries.  This group of self taught surfers first hit the Southern California surf rock scene in 2009, with its iTunes debut of “Time Stood Still” accompanied by its music video on YouTube.


The band is comprised of four South Orange County natives who portray the laid back atmosphere of Southern California through their music and self-written cinematic story songs.  The face of the band is singer/song-writer, Olivia Rohde, whose velvety vocals resonate a vibrant atmospheric sound that attracts the loving fans who can relate to her heartfelt lyrics. Joining in rustic harmony are band members, Mike Kenney, Chris Dailey and Cameron Dalsimer. Kenney’s [lead guitarist], work of electric waves mixes with the upbeat rhythm of Dailey’s galvanizing drums and volatile sound of Dalsimer on bass.

olivia vans 2

The band’s latest album, “On the Run”, with their first hit single, “Runaway Child”, has taken the surf rock scene by storm enough that a new music video, starring professional skateboard, Nora Vasconcellos, is underway.

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