Lucie, what’s your typical day?

Wake up, cup of tea and grab my phone to reply to any messages or texts that have come in overnight and of course a little cuddle with my dog.  I then do a quick surf check of my local beach Fistral.  Recently I have been lucky enough to have enough modelling work to keep me busy, so if I have a shoot planned for that day I make myself a quick chocolate protein shake and then head for the shower before packing my bag ready for the day ahead.  If I don’t have any work my typical day would consist of a morning workout followed by catching up on emails and messages.  I’d then normally make myself some food, sometimes meet up with friends, but always, always take my dogs for a long walk, no matter what the weather.  If the waves are good too I’ll try and squeeze in a little surf before heading back for dinner with my family.

You’ve spent a lot of time in the Canaries, what is it about Fuerteventura that you love so much?

Fuerteventura is very special to me.  We have taken most of our family surfing holidays here and always have an amazing time.  As a result we’ve got to know a few of the locals in Lajares and have found some great little surf breaks which are normally uncrowded with consistent waves.  The Island has a very laid back feel to it and I’ve always felt more confident surfing over there. Fuerteventura feels like my second home and in December I decided to spend a month there working on improving my surfing.  Whilst I was out there I met my boyfriend Jaime who is a big wave surfer from Lanzarote and since then I have visited Lanzarote at least once a month to go and spend time with him – there’s a great surfing beach there, Famara, and Jamie quite often takes me there so that we can surf together.

How is life on the Protest team?

I’ve been with Protest for three years now and I love being part of the team.  They have some amazing riders who absolutely rip and are all so friendly and full of fun.  There’s no competition between us and I love that, they know that my surfing isn’t up to their standards but they respect me for what I do as an Ambassador for Protest Women by promoting surfing through a healthy and active lifestyle.  Everyone on the team offers something unique and different in what they do which Protest recognise and I think thats what makes them stand out over other lifestyle brands.  I’ve been on some great trips with them too, last year we spent a week in Fuerteventura with the Protest Surfcenter and I’ve had a couple of trips to Amsterdam now for Team Rider Events and to visit their HQ (which is absolutely massive).   They always make me feel so welcome and a valued member of the team which keeps me loyal and extremely motivated.  There’s a lot more surf trips in the pipeline for next year too which hopefully I’ll be involved in and I’m really excited about that!

The best bit of advice you’ve ever been given?

Ohhh I’ve been given lots of advice!! Advice doesn’t always have to be taken and some things you just have to find out for yourself (sometimes the hard way) but if you wanted to know the advice that sticks with me, then …… For surfing; the best advice I’ve been given is not to worry about how others perceive you.  People will always pass judgement on your technique and ability, but as long as you’re setting your own goals and enjoying what you do, never worry about what others think and don’t let it stop you getting out there to do what you love.  In life;  If it stresses you out – ditch it. Stay humble, be kind and most of all trust your journey!  In business; make sure you answer ALL your emails/enquiries and never buy anything to get you ahead in your game!

What’s your favourite item from the Protest summer closet?

That’s a tough decision as there are so many new designs this year. Clothes wise I think my favourite has to be the ‘Therry’ full zip top – a beautiful lightweight blouson jacket in admiral blue with tropical flowers. As well as looking great it folds up really easily so takes up hardly any space in your suitcase and doesn’t crease, so it’s perfect for travelling!

My fave things

Pre Surf tune – Hold Ya Head, “Biggie”
Beach – North Fistral for surf and Crantock for dog walking
Surf Manoeuvre – don’t really have a favourite, I just have fun!
Professional Surfer – Ellie Jean Coffey
Food – Pasta with heaps of cheese!
Instagram filter – I’m a VSCO cam user for filters – it makes your images a lot brighter and gives them a tropical feel.

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