With warm evenings and rising temperatures it’s time to hit the road and have some summer fun. We love a road trip and have some many wonderful gadgets and products which are perfect for your surf trip adventure at the Beach Boutique shop we just have to share them with you.

Kit out your surf wagon

Whatever your wheels you can get it surf trip ready to make your adventures more surf friendly.

It’s always a good idea to cover your car/van seats just incase you wanted to jump straight in after a surf. Northcore make a waterproof Seat Cover, which is a must if you love a surf adventure.

Surf trips usually mean a few things, a quiver of surfboards, a car full of people and loads of wetsuits, so if you’re limited for space it might be worth investing in some roof straps. Creatures Wrap Rax straps can carry up to 6 boards and secure to your roof when you need them and chucked in the boot then you don’t.

These are great for long journeys but if you’re looking for something to take abroad for a hire car or taxi journey they it’s worth getting a set of Bull Dog Tie Downs, they take up less room so can easily be packed into your board bag or suitcase.

Keeping your surf wagon smelling fresh even when it’s full of wet wetsuits and sandy shoes can get pretty tricky but fear not the queen of all air fresheners will turn your car into a tropical paradise. Sex wax Coconut Air Fresher is an absolute dream! Or throw a colourful Rip Curl Neoprene Change Mat in the back of your van.

Drying your wetsuit between surfs is a luxury so grab a Northcore Hook Up Hanger attach it to your van or hatchback when you need it and remove the magnetic hanger when you’re done. You can also put it in the Dry Bag Elite which keeps it all enclosed in one waterproof bag.