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I’m a surfer from Plymouth and also a hairdresser who loves doing hair for photo shoots. I recently did a photo shoot with two of my surfing friends Sharnie Gardner and Rebecca Primmer, my idea for this shoot was surf hair but a little bit more then the usual long and wavy. When people think of surfers they tend to think of plaits, bohemian styles and curls so I tried to incorporate all of this in these pictures. I was also determined to use real surf girls and luckily my friends were up for the idea.


surf shoot 2

Step 1: For the tight curls wrap about a square inch of hair around a pencil and then cover it in foil.
Step 2: Using straighteners, place them on top of the foil to heat it up. (usually about 5 seconds, then move it to the other side of the pencil for a further 5 seconds)
Step 3: Leave it for about 10 seconds to cool and then remove the foil.
Step 4: This will leave chunky curls all over the head.
Step 5: Once all is curled, tip head upside down and run your fingers through the hair, this will separate the curls giving it volume.
Step 6: Rub a little hair wax in your hands and then a bit of serum, now scrunch your hair with the products. This gives more defined tighter curls.
Step 7: Use a comb to smooth out one side and then use grips in any pattern you like to hold one side out of the way. In this picture I used the grips diagonally to make triangles.

surf shoot 4


surf shoot 5

Step 1: Curl the hair all over using the above technique or curling tongs.
Step 2: Section of an inch of hair around the front and then about 2 inches around the back. You should now have a circle going round the hair.
Step 3: The section of hair you should now be holding in the middle, comb it back and put it in a hair band, not pulling the whole way through on the last loop. Twist it so the ends sticking out are now underneath.
Step 4: Slightly pull the hair that you just combed back to loosen up the tightness on top.
Step 5: Wrap a piece of hair from underneath around the hair band so you cant see it, grip this in place under the lump that you have created.
Step 6: Now you can add any accessory you would like. With Sharnie i added a scarf which i then pulled through some of the loose hair over the top of it to keep it in place. With Rebecca I added a grip with beads and feathers attached to the side of the bun.


Photographer: Leah Evans www.facebook.com/hairbyleahevans
Hairstylist: Leah Evans
Models: Sharnie Gardner (blonde haired), Rebecca Primmer (brown haired)
Beach: Bovisands