The Search through the Indonesian archipelago is a ‘right-of-passage’ of sorts for most aspiring professional surfers. Multiple regions, full of diverse waves, empty blue canvases, perfect for honing in on any skill set. Big barrels, long lefts, air waves… Indo truly has it all.

However, most the waves, while seemingly dreamy and inviting, have dire consequences. Shallow reefs, sketchy paddle-outs, dry end sections, the list goes on. Any surfer that’s paddled these lineups while pumping, knows the result of hesitation. While easier said than done, there is no room for a lack of commitment here.

When Erin Brooks booked her Indo jaunt last season, she had no idea the forecast that lay ahead. Perfect Kandui, magical Mentawai’s and a handful of idyllic Indo lineup were awaiting her arrival.

While Erin has surfed heavy waves all over the world, most notably around her home of Hawaii, there aren’t many waves that prep you for Indo. You just have to go. And go Erin did.