Billabong Women’s new campaign “Creatures of Color”, is a stunning art piece created to visually portray the feeling of being immersed in surfing.

Surfing can sometimes feel as if you are stepping into a portal that transports you to a planet where life is more colorful, free, and immersive.

Accomplished surfers Laura Enever, Felicity Palmateer and Alessa Quizon travel to a place where they can roam free, surf empty waves and strip away all the noise.

It’s about the freedom, the smell, the excitement as you become one with your surroundings.


The campaign was inspired by Billabong’s Fall 2019 product collection.

The concept art piece was shot in the Mentawais with a custom built modified infrared camera.

In “Creatures of Color,” Billabong Surf Capsule and surfable swim styles are paired with a rich color palette to create a unique and surreal visual.

The collection emerges and we step into a world filled with bold color. Playing up abstract palm leaf prints cast in jungle shadows, lives a palette of bright pinks, spiced hues of rum & cacao, and deep lagoon greens.

Collide full color to make a statement, or break things down for a monochromatic, modern look.

Creatures of Color is truly an untamed collection.