The ReWired continues to benefit from radical innovations for 2020, which improve fit, durability and stretch. With our new and exclusive Halo X throughout the upper body with a subtle sublimated design, this is next frontier in performance neoprene, reducing fatigue and increasing paddle power on those long sessions. This new material works in perfect harmony with the Enigma 3 and Iris II Zip and closure system, getting you into a suit that has vastly improved fit, with Benefit 2 body mapping, reducing stress at critical points.

6/5mm Hooded: £320
RRP: 5/4mm: £275
RRP: 4/3mm: £250

The Solace range has become the firm favourite amongst women who value quality combined with style. The feminine cut flatters, while the continually changing artwork panels add a distinctive and exciting feel to the wetsuit. Not only is the Solace a great looking suit, but it is also packed with top-end techs such as Xtend neoprene for impressive flexibility and GBS seams for watertight construction.

RRP: 5/4mm BZ: £200
RRP: 4/3mm BZ: £190
RRP: 4/3mm CZ: £190

The Surflite keeps its core features and value with a minimal panel design and great styling. Fully sealed GBS seams and True Thickness neoprene keeps heat locked in, while the large comp panel chest and Xtend neoprene upper body makes this the most flexible Surflite ever

RRP: 5/4mm BZ: £150
RRP: 4/3mm BZ: £140