We love Spindrift Jewellery which is new in at the Beach Boutique. It’s a collection of recycled sterling silver, gemstones, reclaimed wood and other materials which oozes summer appeal. We ask Natasha Wakefield the owner and designer what inspired her to create Spindrift.

Natasha, tell us about yourself and how you got to making jewellery?

I have always been a creative person, drawing inspiration from the great outdoors and my travels. I studied metalwork and fine arts at university and loved working with metal, especially sterling silver, so that combined with a few years teaching windsurfing and traveling to incredible places around the world, gave me the inspiration to start Spindrift Collections.

Wave Ring

How does the ocean inspire your jewellery?

The wild, every changing beauty of the ocean is a constant inspiration to me. I have always been drawn to the sea and the water and find endless inspiration in the waves.  I love to create my jewellery using the recycled treasures that I find on the beach, which have been washed in the waves for so many years.  I find the ocean so mesmerising, it can be powerful and wild one day and quiet and peaceful the next.

What type of materials do you work with?

I create my jewellery with hand collected sea smoothed beach glass from beaches all around the world, along with recycled sterling silver.  I also enjoy using different fabrics, gemstones, reclaimed wood and other materials to make my designs.


Describe your design style and what inspires you design wise?

My design style is inspired by the ocean, the mountains and by that feeling of wanderlust for places yet to explore.  I create designs that are timeless and authentic. I believe jewellery should be a lifelong treasure, meaning that I steer clear of short-lived trends and only use high quality materials. I am also inspired  constantly by my wonderful customers, its their love for life and adventurous nature that inspires me to create my new designs.

What makes your jewellery unique and who wears it?

Each piece that I make is totally unique, as this is the nature of beach glass. No two pieces of beach glass are every the same, as each has been uniquely tumbled by the ocean with slightly different textures and in slightly different shapes. My jewellery is worn by free spirited, independent women, who love the ocean and the great outdoors, traveling and visiting new places.  My Spindrift Collections provide a piece of the ocean to wear no matter where they are, so even if they are busy working in an office during the week, they always have that piece of the ocean with them, reminding them of their next adventure.

Out of our collections, what’s your favourite pieces?

One of my favourite pieces is my ‘Surf Necklace’ with a simple sterling silver surfboard charm and a piece of hand collected and sea smoothed beach glass in a lovely frosted turquoise colour. Wearing it keeps the ocean with me.

Describe your life in five words

Create :: Wanderlust :: Ocean :: Mountain :: Yoga

Spindrift Jewellery is available at the Beach Boutique, shop here.