Lucy Foster-Perkins from the Pineapple House in Bali has created an exclusive Yin Yoga class to help you after surfing.  

This Yin Yoga class has been created to help you stretch out the parts of the body that often get tight after you surf.

Yin Yoga is different to other types of yoga as it targets the fascia in the body – the web-like sheets of connective tissue that cover every component of the body, particularly the joints. Tension is often held in this connective tissue, but the fascia only responds to long, passive stretches, rather than repetitive movement (which the muscles prefer), so in Yin Yoga we hold the stretches for a number of minutes at a time. Over time this creates more space and freedom in the joints. More space allows our fluids to flow freely in the body (great for detoxifying the body and getting rid of inflammation) and for the body to move with more ease.

Yin Yoga is mostly targets the lower body, but in this class we’re also targeting the shoulders, as well as the hips and lower back – all areas that tend to get tight after all that paddling!

If you haven’t surfed in a while then you can still do this class to help maintain good mobility and ease in the body, ready for when you’re next in the water!


Lucy x

Lucy Foster Perkins at The Pineapple House, Bali
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