Rip Curl Women Take on The North Shore: Episode Two, Women in the Water

From Off The Wall to the Waimea shore break the Rip Curl Women have been putting on a show this week.

The North Shore has offered up the extremes its most known for – beautiful sunny days and powerful building swell – and the women have taken full advantage. With special guest Bethany Hamilton they’ve been put through their paces both on land and in the water. Throughout this next episode of ‘Rip Curl Women Take on the North Shore’, we explore what it really means to be women in the water, taking on some of the world’s heaviest waves as a pack of ladies pushing the boundaries of surfing. Coming up in the next few days we’ll have 2x World Champion Tyler Wright flying into surf and explore all that the North Shore has to offer, alongside the rest of the Rip Curl Women.