With the help of ROXY wetsuits we bring you a technical break down from neoprene types, thermal linings, seams, zips and locking systems to understand. We are pretty sure after you have read this article you will understand the ins and outs of wetsuit technology, so enjoy…


When combined with neoprene, the lining drastically reduces heat loss. Its unique construction helps to expel water, so you stay warmer and your suit stays lighter.


Far-Infrafed Heat Technology
Revolutionary Lining
Far Infrared Heat Technology thermal lining uses mineral- enriched fibers to insulate and retain body heat longer than ever before. Our warmest and fastest drying lining to date.

How does it work?
Far-Infrared technology transforms body heat into infrared energy, generating warmth so you can surf longer.

Increases body heat so you can surf longer. Improves blood flow & tissue oxygen supply for better performance Exceptionally water-repellent for lightweight comfort.


All wetsuits are made of neoprene. Great wetsuits are made of great neoprene. The higher the quality, the lighter, warmer and more flexible your wetsuit will be.


F’N Lite
High performance neoprene made from limestone derivatives. The benchmark when it comes to lightweight flexibility. The new F’N LITE neoprene is 16% lighter than Hyperstretch 3.0 neoprene. Made with more air cells to increase warmth and decrease weight. It’s lightweight, absorbs less water, and provides superior warmth and durability. Warmth just got lighter.

Thermal Smoothie
Maximum stretch mesh with superior heat insulation. The open air celll structure acts as a wind and water repellant to keep you warm when the water is not.


The seams are the skeleton of a wetsuit. They determine the strength, flexibility and watertightness of its construction. An important factor when picking the right suit for you.


Hydrolock Seam Seal – External Sealing
The thinnest, lightest, and most flexible seal available. 60% thinner & lighter than our LFS seal. A thin bead of liquid tape used on GBS to prevent leaks.

Liquid Flex Seal – External Sealing
A stretchy, flexible liquid tape that seals GBS stitched seams. LFS refuses to leak and is extremely comfortable.

Redsealseam Technology – Internal Sealing
A thin, ultralight seam sealant that gives a water tight reinforcement without sacrificing flexibility and weight.

GBS / Glued and Blind Stitched Seams – Stitching
Glued & Blindstitched construction is triple glued and single blind stitched seams. The stitching on Triple Glued and Blind Stitched seams only partially penetrates the neoprene, which reduces water entry, keeping you warmer, longer.

Flat Lock Seams – Stitching
Used on summer suits, these seams may not be watertight but they are super-resistant. The strong nylon threads are stitched closely together for a flexible and durable seam.



The zip you select will depend on your personal preference. Chest zip, Back zip or zipperless? Make your choice.


Water-Block Semi Dry Zip
Free floating zipper technology. Off-Set teeth are coated to minimise water entry to keep you dry.

YKK™ #10 Back Zip
Free floating zipper technology that will keep you dry. Spend more time in the water, not getting into a suit. Easy to get into and effortless to get out of.

PK #10 Chest Zip
The chest-zip system increases waterproofing and flexibility.


On top of the main technology in our wetsuits, we’ve developed other systems that will make your life in the water even easier.


Hydrowrap Adjustable Neck Closure
A completely adjustable neck closure system that creates a secure & watertight seal.

Fused Edges
Engineered to create an incredibly low profile at the end of the cuff providing an ergonomic fitting that prevents flushing through the neck, wrist and ankles.

Glideskin Neck Seal
An ultra-smooth neoprene liner for superior comfort and a watertight seal.

Flush Lock 2.0 Seals
Elastic wrist, ankle and neck tape, strategically placed to prevent water flushing.

Ecto-Flex Knee Pads
A durable, lightweight and flexible outer knee pad that protects you and your board.

Hydroshield Water Barrier
Prevents water from entering the suit through the zip, keeping you warmer longer.

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