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Sometimes we all need a little help managing stress. Due to outdated preconceptions men in particular are susceptible to the pressures of life and work and often have not one to reach out to, or feel isolated. A new one day course by Katy Griffin at Thera – Sea is to change that and give you the tools to manage stress and improve well being.

Stress is the body’s natural defence against real or imagined danger. It causes the body’s intelligent operating system produces increased chemicals cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline to evade or confront danger.

How we react to difficult situations will affect the levels of stress and the impact on physical and mental health. Being aware of how you react to stress and the best way to manage your type of stress enables you to manage the effect effectively.

Thera-Sea is a service set up by a Katy Griffin, a registered mental health nurse turned life coach who’s passionate about giving men the tools they require to manage stress and improve well-being through lifestyle medicine and ocean based sports.

Thera-Sea is delivering a one day masterclass in stress management for men on the 10th October 2018 in Newquay, Cornwall.
This one day course provides men with the tools they need to manage stress and improve well-being through life coaching and surfing.

Topics covered during the stress management course include:
• Self-regulation and the brain; the biology of stress
• Different types of stress and how to alleviate them
• Good sleep habits and sleep misconceptions
• Exercise and lifestyle as medicine
• How to stay calm in a busy world: the importance of relaxation

his is followed by a surfing intervention course, whether you’re an absolute beginner or world class standard, our highly experienced coach will be on hand to accommodate your every need, with Mark Kelly at Four Elements Adventure.
Then is time sit back and relax and enjoy the delicious delights of the Aussie Smoker who will provide a taste sensation for lunch with Adam Kesacoff the The Aussie Smoker.
1-2-1 sessions are also delivered throughout the day as you will be joined in the water and for lunch by Katy who is our specialist mental health nurse turned life coach.


The full day costs £120 as an introductory offer. This includes: stress management course, 121 sessions, surf lesson, equipment hire, delicious lunch provided by the Aussie Smoker and refreshments.

To book please message on Facebook or call 07958276247.

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