Ellie Miller ( The only female professional board maker in Europe, produces handmade bespoke surfboards under her own label Miller Surfboards.) and Danni Bradford ( An artist and freelance surface designer specialising in verre-eglomise – the gilding of glass ) hand-built the board using traditional techniques in a small studio in North Devon, England as part of their Lux brand.


“Each surfboard produced in the LUX series is a totally unique work of art. Inspiration for each shape is drawn from key eras within surfboard design. By combining the skills and understanding of their respective art forms, the creators of LUX aspire to move forward in brave and innovative ways, making surfboards of striking beauty and unrivalled elegance to be enjoyed for their graceful aesthetic as well as their performance as contemporary wave riding craft.”


“Not only beautiful, the Aureus remains a fully functional surfboard, hand-built to the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship. The incorporation of 24 Karat gold throughout the board’s construction marks a world first in surfboard manufacturing techniques.”


The board is 6’8” x 20½” x 3” “inspired by the single fin surfboards of the 1970’s – It is finished in typical styling of the era with a triple 24 Kt gold leaf elliptical pinline design, 24 Kt gold gilded fiberglass fin, and 24 Kt gold gilded LUX icon.”

Low tide Croyde anyone…?