Are you scared of tackling waves beyond your comfort zone, or feeling totally overwhelmed by life? If you live in fear you need to take back control of your mind, so give meditation a go. 

Fear is one of life’s great letdowns. It has the power to stop us in our tracks, change our plans and cause us to avoid situations. Most fear is caused by anxiety and is a result of the mind taking control. The good news is that you do not have to live in fear, and you can gain back control of your mind and make it submit to your will.

To begin to deal with your fear you need to forget the past, focus on your present and plan for your future. Meditation can help you get into a state of mind where you don’t dwell on what has happened or worry about what might. It can help you understand your fears, why you have them and give you the tools to move on from them.

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve mental clarity and emotional calm. It can be used for many different reasons, and in many religions meditation is practiced as a way to become more enlightened.

Make time
Set time aside every day to close your eyes and empty your mind. Some like to begin the day like this, while others prefer to end the day with meditation. Maybe you need to make the time on your lunch break or whenever you feel anxious. There is no right or wrong time, but the only way to learn how to meditate well is to practice every day.


Empty your mind
This is probably one of the trickier tasks to master, because we very rarely switch our minds off. While working, exercising, walking, talking and even sleeping, our minds are running on overdrive. With distraction at the touch of a button, many of us stare at a screen before falling to sleep, then worry about why we cannot actually sleep. Learning to empty the mind of all that bothers you will leave you clear to focus on the essential areas of your life, and will create room in your mind for positivity.
Visualise positivity
Visualise only positive things: The ones you have done today or ones that are yet to use the space you have created in your mind by removing negativity. Fill your thoughts with happiness, positivity and productivity.

Practice often
Make the time and find the time. And do this often. The more your practice, the more productive your reflection will be. Learn to cleanse your thoughts of fear and negativity by practising meditation daily if you can.

Learn to identify what scares you and what fills your mind with dread. Then, when you feel fear present in your mind, acknowledge it and think of something positive. Fear is a normal emotion to handle and one that shouldn’t be masked, but it also should be something that you entertain for no longer than a moment.

If you’re struggling with fear, whether it’s in the surf or your day-to-day life, the knowledge that you can overcome it can make life a lot easier.

Life cannot always be perfect, but it can be light and positive.

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Try these yoga practices to help you relax, de-stress and think more clearly.

Relax & Restore Yin Yoga

This is a rejuvenating yoga practice, which is perfect for this time of the year. So take time out and try this Yin Yoga Flow with Issey – it’s great for your mental health and blood circulation. You will need props like a bolster or pillows, a block or books, plus a blanket. Then relax your way into the Flow. Enjoy!

Yoga for Joy

Have fun with this joyful and feel-good yoga class with Jen Austin from Shine Yoga. Start by shaking out stress and negativity then breathe in joy with an energising breathing technique. Repeat the affirmation ‘I am joyful’ as you flow through a creative and playful sequence of beautiful side body openers and dance between warrior poses. You’ll step off of your mat feeling positive, uplifted and rejuvenated.

Yoga for Nervous System Soothing

Sometimes you just need to slowdown. The focus of this practice is to move in time to a long, slow soothing audible breath, otherwise known as Ujjayi breath. We move through flowing lunge sun salutations, moving down to the floor for a heart opening bridge and gentle twists, with a short settling svanasana (the laid down bit!) to finish.