SurfGirl Meets is our new series of introducing a variety of female surfers ranging from rising surf stars, to artists and true adventurers. We will be talking to these bold, creative, determined women who all have their story to share. Be inspired. 

Name: Juliette Lacome
Born: January 19th, 2003
Location: Bayonne, France
Social media: @juliettelacome

Juliette, congratulations on taking the win at Boardmasters 2018, you must be stoked, tell us how it felt when you found out you’d won?
Thank you ! 😊 It was truly incredible and I really didn’t expect it – I was stoked just to be in the final – but when the speaker announced my win I was the happiest and I took a while for it to sink in. This win gave me some much needed confidence, as the beginning of the year didn’t go as I had hoped.

So that’s your first WQS win, which is incredible at 15. How long have you been competing on the QS?
This is my second year competing on the QS, I wanted to be on it to gain some experience and surf against more experimented athletes. It’s by seeing their superior level of surfing that I am able to push my limits and keep on working hard at improving my own level. But when I left for the QS in Newquay I did not for a second think I would win at just 15.

Did you always know you wanted to become a competitive surfer?
Since discovering the world of surfing, my dream has always been to become a pro surfer! Making a living from my passion, travelling the world and discovering a variety of sports is amazing and that’s what I truly love.

What’s it like competing on the QS, how do you find life on the road at such a young age?
I love to compete, most of all in the QS. It’s a perfect way to meet new people and get back together with my friends on the other end of the planet. It’s an amazing opportunity to get more experience: even if I am still young, it’s a great opportunity to get more experience and improve my surfing. I love to be always on the go and discover new places, it’s amazing to travel like this although I do sometimes miss home.

You’re a part of the Roxy team, tell us what life is like working with such a fantastic brand?
Being a part of the ROXY Team is amazing, it was always a dream of mine! I became a part of this family now two years ago and they really helped me, encouraged me and enabled me to do what I love. The girls of the ROXY Team are all incredible, we all form a sisterhood and it’s a great feeling!

Was this your first time surfing in Newquay? If yes, how did you find the waves and the town?
Yes it was! Before I went to Newquay I had not heard of it, but I did my research because I did not know what to expect in terms of waves or water temperature. The weather wasn’t the best but I really liked Newquay: the waves were great, the town was lovely and so were the people.

What plans do you have for the rest of 2018, will you be travelling anywhere over the winter?
I don’t have any solid plans for the winter but at this point I know I’ll be closing the year at the QS in Morocco this September. Then I hope to go to the ISA World Championships in California with the French Team. Other than that, I’d like to go somewhere warm to avoid the chilly French winter!

We have noticed a significant drop in women and girls surfing competitively in the UK recently, what advice do you have for anyone wanting to get into competitive surfing?
I think if you are going to be a competitive surfer you need to really adore surfing and be happy when competing. I’ve seen so many people get pressure from parents or sponsors and that can quickly become too much to handle and lead to quitting. Other times you just can’t seem to get a single win but you need to stay focused and keep on working hard… It’s also important – though challenging – to let go of your fear of failure!

What’s the surf scene like where you live? Are there many women and girls who surf?
I’m from Anglet. I started surfing at the Club beach with a little group of friends where I was the only girl. But in the South West of France a lot of girls surf. When I started surfing locally, we were a lot of young girls competing.
We also have some great surfers from this area such as Lee Ann Curren and Pauline Ado with who I often surf in Anglet and who encourage me to follow their example.

Quick Fire
Favourite Wave? Le Club, in Anglet
Favourite food? Lasagna
Music to get you amped before a surf? Black Marble, Pretender